Our Firm proffers various services for a wide area of the Malaysian Law & Legal Practice including but not limited to :


    Civil Litigation

    • Banking Litigation, Banking, Finance and General Debt Collection, Real Property Claims, Foreclosure, Execution Proceedings, Bankruptcy, Winding Up, Family Law, Probate, Small Estate, Letters of Administration, Immigration, and Arbitration

    Criminal Litigation

    • Defence work and advice on Offences under the Penal Code, Dangerous Drugs Act etc, Juvenile matters, Traffic Offences

    Company Law and Land Law related matters


    • Sale and Purchase Agreements
    • Supplementary Agreements
    • Security Documents
    • Transfers
    • Loan Agreements
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Timber Agreements
    • Constructions Agreements
    • Tenancy Agreements
    • Lease Agreements
    • Preparations of Statutory Forms under the National Land Code 1960
    • Powers of Attorney Documentations
    • Islamic Banking Documentations

    • Purchase of Properties for Housing/Commercial Development
    • Arranging and Assisting for Land Approval for Development from relevant Authorities
    • Arranging and Preparing for Joint-Venture Agreements for Development
    • Assisting Clients in procuring Bridging and End Financing
    • Other corporate matters including various Land Office Approval, Shares, Company Takeovers and Acquisition, Litigation for Corporate Recovery and general related advise, counsel and opinion

    • Marketing of Properties and Housing/Commercial Development as agent upon appointment
    • Introduction of clients to prospect financial/banker
    • Introduction of clients to potential business venture

    • Notices of Demand, Notices to Vacate and other Legal Notices
    • Preparation of Wills, Deeds of Settlement, etc
    • Advices and Opinions on Labour Law
    • Advices and Opinions on Banking Litigation and Conveyancing Practise
    • Procedural Updates on Conveyancing Practise
    • General Legal Advice/Opinion
    • Review of recent legal developments
    • Negotiation for dealings on landed properties
    • Negotiation on behalf of client(s)
    • Attending meetings as proxy
    • Attending meetings as legal advisor upon request

Since its formation the Firm has maintained good relationship with various quarter of community including Local and Federal Government Departments and Statutory Bodies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Companies, Individuals and Incorporated Bodies.

To ensure the efficiency of our services the Firm has from time to time :-

  • Engaged capable staffs and provided/afforded independent training sessions for the staffs
  • Upgraded the library facilities and reviewed subscriptions of law journals and publications
  • Upgraded the office automation facilities
  • Introduced and implemented in-house rules and procedures for staffs and conducted in-house training.
  • Organized staff/office activities including vacation/charity, team-building and motivation events.

As such Syarikat Rodziah presents a team of disciplined, able, qualified and competent individuals to service the clients and accomplishes the assignments of the Firm efficiently and hereby pledges its best to society.


  • Pacific & Orient Insurance Company Berhad for Mandatory limit of RM800,000.00
  • QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad for Top – Up limit of RM9,200,000.00
    [(Total Limit of RM10,000,000.00) (Ten Million Only)]